Ōtepoti Tuesday
Trampers Club

Tramp - Tuesday 26 September We will be again in the Cedar Creek area. The harder walk will have a steep start up Mihiwaka where we can take in the magnificent views, supping morning tea as the scent of caprine urea is wafted on the balmy breeze. Easier going on top as we traverse around to the ascents of Mts Kettle and Cutten.

The medium option takes a more gentle start up the Cedar Creek track to the reservoir and thence to Kettle. The two groups should coalesce along the way.

Finally we all climb Cutten on tracks improved by the club and, once we’ve got our breath back on the summit, we can enjoy the breathtaking views one last time.

Meet at Woodhaugh at 8:50 please. Cost: $10

Leraders Harry, John Cutfield, Ricky and Gerrard.

Straight and level walkers We will try and join the main groups at the Cedar Ck reservoir

Meet Woodhaugh at 11 am, walk up the road to the reservoir for lunch, then back. It's about 100 m climb and we can take it however slowly people feel like. Those with extra energy can walk around the lake.

(Note from Beth: Cost: $10 for OTT but not sure about slow walkers arrangements)


Ōtepoti Tuesday Trampers

Ōtepoti Tuesday Trampers (Club) is a social and supportive walking group for over 50s based in Dunedin. We go tramping in the wider Dunedin area every Tuesday throughout the year.

Weekly Tramps in the Dunedin region

The tramps are typically of 4-7 hours duration and usually visit tracks in the wider Dunedin area or travel to interesting places within about an hour’s drive of Dunedin.

There is a designated leader for every tramp, who is assisted by three deputy leaders. They will recce the track in advance.

On the day the leader will explain the route before the main group sets off. During the tramp the leaders will be spread throughout the group, carefully monitoring those on the tramp. The club is particularly safety conscious. Locator beacons are always carried by one or more of the leaders.

Join us

New members are always welcome. You need to complete three tramps before joining the club. This gives you time to evaluate what our club does, and make an informed decision as to whether it is for you or not.

You also need to be nominated and seconded by two current members. The annual subscription is $20.00, payable after the annual AGM. If you are interested then please refer to the Contact page.

The club runs as a cooperative and all members are expected to help organise and lead tramps. As a new member you will be given time to settle in, and to work out the kind of tramp you can help with, depending on your level of experience and fitness.

DCC Dunedin Tracks

The link for the DCC website giving all Dunedin tracks is given below:


Best to view in full screen mode (use the link below the map) and enlargen (using the + button). Then click the layer button and turn off the pest contol areas which removes the red background and enables all tracks to be visible. Click on any track to get further information about it.

There is also information on various tracks using the link below. (Note the buttons for the pdfs about the tracks are at the bottom of this page.)


The Ōtepoti Tuesday Trampers Club undertake track clearing in the Cedar Creek area under agreements with the DCC.